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  1. daniel

    1. i don't like potatoes. i mean i can eat them, no problem but i always choose something else to eat when i have the chance to
    2. i don't care about problematic people (celebrities, youtubers etc) i'm just here for the entertainment, screw drama
    3. i love cracking my bones, it feels amazing
    4. i can't stay still. i feel really really uncomfortable if i don't move at all. i usually just move my legs while sitting and stuff and irritate a lot of people. oops.
    5. i should be sleeping right now as i have to wake up early tommorrow
    6. i swear a lot and get in trouble for it all the time. the bad words just come out as any other word does
    7. i scream whenever i am near seaweed or any other type of water plant. the flowy movements of the slimy and weird plants just freak me out.
    8. i like to climb on the roof of my house (or any other high olace) and stand there like in the titanic and feel the wind blow all around me. i just love the feeling of air on my skin
    9. i'm scared of bees and wasps
    10. i can fit my fist in my mouth but cannot take it out
    11. i'm a night owl and hate to wake up before 10 am
    12. i'm completely obsessed with everything Harry Potter (psst! go watch the crimes of grindelwald now!!)
    13. i believe in magic and fairies and all those things (fairy hunting was my favourite past time when i was 9)
    14. i own a reindeer
    15. i hate most of the beauty gurus on youtube. theyre all so dramatic
    16. i like the smell of gasoline, smoke, and mosquito repellant
    17. i have a clock which sometimes ticks backwards
    18. i could eat rice with sweet-and-sour sauce for the rest of my life
    19. i just ate a hotdog
    20. i have a vagina

  2. Lala Solo

    OMG SAME I HAVE THE SAME WRIST THING (except it cracks often) it is rly like an OCD thing and it pisses other ppl off tremendously


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