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  1. emppu pemppu _

    Hei Saara toivon et näät tän?mä olin 10 ja rakastin mun puhelinta ja käytin sitä niinku 24/7… No me lähetiin hämeen linaan ja katoin et mulla on kaikki mut must tuntu et mult puutuu jotain. No tunteja kulu autossa ja tajusei et voi vattu mu puhelin jäi himaan ja aatele me oltiin 2 iikoa siellä hämeen
    linassa että olin aika tylsistynyt siellä?

  2. Chrys Gnt

    Saara, you are a rarely gifted person. I remember your videos playing all the unusual, exotic instruments at your home; another video where you sang different genres of music so amazingly. Not to mention the videos about the languages! Of course, you can have a life without the Internet – or with less frequent use of the Internet. Life is so much more that just sitting in front of a screen. Especially for a person like you with so many extraordinary talents. You can be so creative, you can spend your time productively. Don't ever lose your uniqueness. Don't worry about whether a single was or was not successful, don't let Hollywood turn you into yet another standardised star. You are unique. This is what I saw from your early videos and this is the most important thing. Do not lose touch with who you really are. You have so many gifts from God. I wish you success and happiness in your life.

  3. Lythanıum Larcher

    Saara, not trying to offend or anything but can i just tell you that you look kind of similar to an Indonesian celebrity!
    Her name is Raisa Adriana, go check her out


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