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Nolla demonstrates modern solutions for a low-impact daily life, that is based on self-sufficiency and renewable solutions – thus generating minimal to no emissions. The cabin functions entirely on renewable energy and excludes most modern commodities. The cabin has been built from sustainable materials and is designed for a simple lifestyle with minimal to no emissions, taking into account the surrounding nature in every respect.

The Nolla (= zero) cabin, designed by Finnish designer Robin Falck, is located just outside Helsinki city center, on the Vallisaari island. Project owner is Neste, a Finnish based energy company.

More about Nolla:

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  1. Sheslulu

    “When I shake my head it looks like a bucket full of mushrooms” lmaoooooo
    Ok I need Sangria in my playlist ??‍♀️??

  2. Ellie Delfino

    I think this type of haircut, if you can call it so, is actually very cute. And I personally love it on my self. I hope she is able ti embrace it before it grows out, it's heckling cute. X

  3. jeanette chasseur

    Your Look kinda reminds me of Rizzo from Grease ? but it looks really healthy 🙂


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