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  1. Marie Poppins

    "It's as simple as food". Got me laughing really.

    I love your energy. Only saw two videos of you (the one shaving your head coz I want to shave mine and this one). You're beautiful and talented. Keep nurturing yourself, healing the emotional wounds (re) awakened by the music industry (honestly good therapy or coaching is amazing to get to the root cause of it and support you on your journey) and surround yourself with people who value you for you, not just your art or success potential or Youtube following.

    Oh and that hand tattoo is everything.

  2. mango smalls

    "you got all the love" is in my playlist for more tgen a year now, the song is so awesome and catchy! it should be played on the radio. I didnt watch your youtube videos at all, but once i did i saw that you are not only beautiful and a great singer but you have this amazing and fun personality, and you are also very humble! you deserve to be a famous singer and you dont need those peice of shit producers to do so. I wish you the best of luck! and im waitig for more songs from you!

  3. Danielle Kosaka

    Just start a new lifestyle and workout and eat well.
    The gym is another whole new world you could flourish in. You’re beautiful I believe you could win many fitness contests

  4. Danielle Kosaka

    You’re amazingly talented don’t worry about a personal trainer there’s so much info on YouTube for you to get motivated to stay fit


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