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  1. The Dark Pearl

    All these comments from vegans are absolutely disgusting. God forbid someone want to keep themselves healthy by following professional medical advice about issues they may never be rid of and have dealt with their entire life. I honestly try as hard as possible to respect any and all dietary paths one may take but the people associated with veganism are half the reason I will never be one. This is terrible.

  2. Miss Moxie

    You need to eat what your body needs. If you need a low fiber low residue diet then that’s what you have to eat to be healthy.

  3. Tony Mind

    Congratulations.. You are very beautiful 🙂 meat makes dogs hair shine, also you shine as well 😉

  4. Tony Mind

    I know a vegan, she is crazy, and she is slim, and she is vulnerable.. Meat gives you aggression to to survive… Vegans are not performing.. My brother started veganism and guess what… He said he was loosing power.. Aš he does hangliding that's fucking dangerous 🙂

  5. Amy Laircey

    As a vegan, I strongly admire people like her. She tried veganism for all the right reasons, but it didn't work out. She's not eating meat because it's "yummy" or to spite people, but she's eating the healthiest diet she possibly knows how to. And she's not afraid to take care of herself, no matter how "unpopular" her decisions are.

  6. Nina

    Lol i have a lot of stomach issues and nothing has helped with them until i stoped eating meat and started to avoid milk. Also my friend got anemia from very well based vegetarian diet and i eat shit like bread and bread and bread and my iron is completely normal. Weird??‍♀️


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