Hit me in a stomach!!

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  1. Lee McDaid - Donegal

    I have been waiting nearly 20 years to see this again..Thanks for posting!

  2. nosherz

    Will still be the funniest ever sketch 10,000 years from now.

    Go on hit me in the stomach !

  3. MarkandNettyBailey

    i LOVEDDDDDDD this when i first saw it i couldnt stop laughing ..and even now i still say …dont believe me go on then hit me in the stomach …superb thanks for sharing


    This is so funny thanks for posting i remember this first time round we have one of these where i work he done everything from working for NASA / driving trains / Missile tec / need i say anymore this is so funny thanks for posting His mate Ken does Drink that Shampoo

  5. summercoat

    Absolute classic bit of comedy. Took me right back, but it's still as fresh as mountain wind.


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