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  1. marissa giancecchi

    the same situation happened to my mom's friend. she didnt even wear an A cup when she was 17 and she got implants. there is nothing wrong with that at all, woman have boobs and you just want to look like one

  2. -

    appearence has such a big role in our lives, most people don't even know the extent of it subliminally. as a species we have evolved to prefer to socialize, affiliate and mate with healthier looking people with better genetic traits. the halo effect is a great example of that. it's not stupid or vain to be interested in looking good, i say it's a damn good investment

  3. Iman

    Idc….I love you the way you are and it's your decision & your life :)) no body is perfect,trust me.❤

  4. Dan Malcolm

    No matter what. Even now. To me. You will forever be Perfect, Beautiful and Truthful xx

  5. Agnes Bendixen

    I could not for the love of God find this video for like a year. Was it hidden? What happened to it?

    Edit: kinda need the title of the song in the background

  6. Gary Sakorafas

    If true beauty is one the inside, then there is no need for surgery for the superficial outer beauty. people should admire the beauty within.

    Mixed message …


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