The song is visible for everyone at midnight (Friday)
Listen to Permission to Love here :

we dont need no goddamn permission to love!
listen to the tune and maybe add it to your sweet, wintery playlist.

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  1. hanna

    Oumaigaad!! Huomasitteko et saara näyttää pikkukuvassa ihan Hannahilta sarjasta 13 syytä?? En kestä

  2. rastin Kosha

    So proud of you, you are thinking right and you are outspoken, respect.
    You've got it all girl.

  3. Andrea Mendenhall

    People support candidates for different reasons. It's never all one way. The truth often lies somewhere in the middle. The country was established on the premise of liberty. The government was never intended to have its nose into every freakin' aspect of life. People put too much stock in what the government can and cannot do. Love cannot be legislated. Love means different things to different people.


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