Hi, I wanted to do a cover, but you know me too well; I cant get
through a single video being serious.

Follow me everywhere! My username is HELLOIMSAARA everywhere :3

Background piano track

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  1. pev

    Yeah, autotune can fuck itself to death. And I don't believe for a second that "autotune switched off" section. I KNOW you have a great voice and putting that fucking autotune in every other note is just a stupid trend that should die! Please be natural and demand the preservation of that from any possible producer you have in your singing endeavours! Take inspiration from Christina Aquilera who at some point had a T-shirt that said "autotune is for pussies" 🙂

  2. rhiannyn mclean

    Shit I turned this up so loud cause it’s so good and now my EarPods are fucking cracking ??


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